Episode 61 - The Vicious Cycle

This week, Hallyujuku gets serious and sorta depressing, but for important reasons. We kvetch about GI existing without OneKet and lament the disbandment of a promising girl group in Bob Girls while wishing Jina the best. We discuss the ongoing Kim Hyun Joong scandal and call out Team "Oppa Didn't Mean It" on their delusions. We also discuss Sulli's former fansite admin Jinnabit's insane, manipulative, and childish behaviour. Then bring things back into a light mood with a possible new career in Ninja work. All that and more! Check it out, already!

What’s New?
The Technicians (기술자들)

[MV] UJI(유지) (BESTie) _ Love Letter(너만 봐) (Feat. The Channels)

올티 (Olltii) - 졸업 (이젠 안녕) (Graduation) MV

빅스 (VIXX) - 이별공식 (Love Equation) MV


Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School on Dramafever
Sweden Laundry on Dramafever
[MV] EXID 위아래(UP&DOWN) 심쿵버전 Special 뮤비 (K-POP) [LG U-Plus CF]
EXID SOLJI - We should've been friends , EXID 솔지- 친구라도 될 걸 그랬어 20150218
투앤비(2NB)-한번만(Once And For All)
[MV] RAINBOW(레인보우) _ Black Swan(블랙스완)
자메즈(Ja Mezz) - Drinks Up(Feat. 화사 Of 마마무) MV
"Some" English version sung by eSNa (에스나, 윤빛나라)

GI (Global Icon)'s Aram and OneKet reported to have filed lawsuit against agency
Bob Girls disbands after Jina diagnosed with encephalitis … dammit
Chrome Entertainment's Statement Regarding Bob Girl's Disbandment
Kim Hyun Joong to marry pregnant ex-gf that he beat, makes him even worse + timeline
10 Reasons Why Women Don’t Leave Their Abusers
Key East says Kim Hyun Joong not getting married, can’t confirm pregnancy reports
Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-gf says she’s pregnant, people oddly confused why ex-gf avoiding him
Sulli’s biggest/only fansite closed, which is awesome cause the admin is crazy
Sulli’s ex-fansite admin continues to spread rumors, shuts down another Sulli fansite
2015 Girl Group Rankings: 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation Occupy “Shaky First Place,” miss A and f(x) Take a Hit
Time to quit your job – Company in Japan now hiring for the position of Ninja Master