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The Fanny Pack Wrestling Podcast

Indefinite Hiatus

A pro wrestling experiment in mass appeal. Petey Rave and DJM take a couple of casual wrestling Wrestling fans and expose them to Indy Wrestling.

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Record Breakers Music Podcast

Every Tuesday

Four friends gather around a virtual lunch table wherein one of them brings in an album for them all to review and discuss. Be they all-time favourites, new obsessions, hidden gems or even unknown curiosities. We'll listen to them all and tell you what we think.

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Every time we can get together to record.

A simple tagline: Anything But Anime. Hallyujuku is a show about East Asian Pop Culture starring a pair of non-Asian goofballs. Petey Rave and Brandon Cooper (aka King Kaz) will cover everything from Music, Dramas, Food, and more with an honest and, at times, un-P.C. approach.

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