Episode 56 - The Rise and Fall of Fanny Pack and The Wrestlers From Reseda

Credit:  Brian Ubben

Credit: Brian Ubben

This week, the good ship Fanny Pack rides off into the sunset in its final episode. To bring this three-year journey to a close, we brought the pair that started it all with us, Kaz and Drew. Additionally, to further the bookend concept of our finale, we decided to discuss the other pillar of Deej and Petey's Indy Wrestling fandom, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and their recent event/tribute, Bowie. We discuss Dalton Castle, his boys, Chris Hero's questionable jersey choices, Zack Sabre Jr.'s torture art, and the beauty of professional crowd discipline. All that, and a whole lot more as Fanny Pack takes its final bow. Enjoy!

Check out more on PWG at ProWrestlingGuerrilla.com

Thank you to all our past guests for being part of our little experiment. Thank you to DiamondClub.tv (and Sgt. Muffin) and The Freakin Awesome Network for giving our little show a home to stream and post respectively for a little while. We were glad to have been a part of your communities. Most of all, thank you to anyone who bothered checking out an episode of Fanny Pack. You rock.