Episode 39 - She's a Ladies' Grappler


This week, we are talking a buzzed-about women's wrestling promotion based out of Florida, Shine Wrestling and their event Shine 23. For this discussion, we are joined by guests we have previously had on to talk women's wrestling in "StormySooner" Natalie Serjeant and "Patty Mc$w@gg" Patrick Swagger. We discuss story progression, women't wrestling, tag-team wrestling, La Rosa Negra's fantastic entrance, Thunderkitty's alignment in this promotion differing from what we've seen her be everywhere else, Kimber Lee continuing to impress, and how much fun a good temper tantrum can be to watch. All that, plus more pointless kvetching about production quality in Indy Wrestling and a whole lot more. Come on and hit play already!

More info on Shine Wrestling can be found at ShineWrestling.com